Epigenetic VS Bio transhumanism

Many transhumanists look at being human as bad thing or at least that our biology is holding humans back. Right now transhumanists and futurists in general are altering their physical self’s with micro chips. DARPA in its stealth revolution is truly standing on the fence and both sides appear to be green. Not only are the at the for front of unmanned Sub’s, drones, and even laser targeting devices they are looking to genetically alter the Solder. One side of the coin takes out the human element the other seeks to sharpen mans killer instinct. This is not Science fiction this is science now!

From programmable microbes to human-machine grafting DARPA is betting huge on human biology. While many physically frail transhumanists look down on our biology they may want to pay more attention to the smartest person in the room, DARPA.

Man is evolving faster then we can imagine. One hundred years ago Albert Einstein once said 12 people in the world understand  the theory of relativity and 8 lived in Berlin. Now many high school students do their senior thesis on relativity. Even 30 years ago computers were for scientists. Today you see 8 year old’s playing with much more powerful devices called an iPad.  We are running faster jumping farther and out living our ancestors.

The Gene variant DEC2 or what is known as Short-sleepers is rising from 1.5% up to 3% since it was first discovered over a decade ago. These are not better humans they have just evolved differently. Doing more with less, typically barreling through the day full of energy and optimism. Some Short sleepers do this on 4 hours or less although typically a short sleeper functions above average on about 6 hours of sleep. Modern medicine is also giving are evolution a shot in the arm from plague, polio to BioThrax or Anthrax anti virus. Humans are surviving what killed millions just a few hundred years ago.

Hypothetically let combine these two in our minds for a moment. Lets take DEC2 and inject BioThrax in their tricep. Now we can imagine a human that is happy energetic and doesn’t get sick all on 4-6 hours of sleep. Here is a sobering thought we would like leave you with… The US Navy forced thousands of G.I.s to be experimented on with BioThrax Upon entering the Persian gulf between 1998–2000 2000, some 425,976 US service members had received 1,620,793 doses. Only 0.3% reported >1 day lost from work(being sick) How many of them were already carrying DEC2, i cant be the only one?


_Jesse King


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