Graphene for the masses?

Thirteen years ago  a discovery was made on a material so basic yet so incredible it seemed impossibly.  Scientist claims were almost outlandish. Two hundred times stronger then steel yet is extremely efficient in conducting heat and conducts electricity like a super liquid. Way back in 2004  at the University of Manchester Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov had that magic moment.

Its Graphene and its getting hot again on and once again this miraculous breakthrough is so simple. This two-dimensional, atomic-scale, hexagonal lattice should change the world. After all wining the  Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 is no small task. The problem was producing the material in any quantity was extremely expensive. They have tried every trick in the book from caustic materials and on lab experiment fail after the next. Even feeding Spiders nano tubes of graphene to create super webs. Spider-man eat your heart out,  these webs are as strong as Kevlar.

So whats the problem making it and more importantly making Graphene cost effective? All of the previous ways mentioned made the material oxidize. This weakens it and devalues the material for other applications like micro chips. University of Connecticut chemistry professor Doug Adamson saw what other scientists felt was flaw as the way forward.  Adamson used graphene’s  insolubility to most solvents  to actually synthesizes graphene in a pure unoxidized form.  So simple why didn’t we think of this? Oil and water used graphenes own nature to be insoluble,  trapping the material in between  and overlapping the graphene. What will they think of next? Will your house, Micro chips and bullet proof armor be made of graphene?

YouTube it!

_Jesse King

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