A future without Fish

Can you imagine the feeling in your gut as you explain to your kids why the oceans are dead? Telling an innocent young face how your generation overfished and polluted the oceans until all the fish were dead, not fun. Most will just ignore the facts and keep on living life with their heads in the sand. Soon the fish population will not be replaced through natural reproduction. The great pacific garbage patch could be the size of Mexico according to Scientists . Are we to late?

No we are able to save the oceans but it would take a massive alliance, a uprising of man to accomplish such goals. Lets focus on the fish first. Each region or fisheries have a specific specie or multiple specie being overfished. As citizen’s and consumer’s it really starts with us. The Gulf of mexico is over-fishing Red Snapper, the next time you go to Sushi don’t order them. California and Oregon are abusing the Blue fin Tuna and the Bigeye tuna to the point of 90% percent extinction. Stop ordering it. It sounds simple because it is, if demand drops the economic pressure will stop the fisherman. 90% seems like a large number (Google it) unfortunately scientist are in agreement that most major fisheries are up to 90% depleted. Some thing to think about before going to dinner with baye.

One of the most beautiful majestic creatures on earth is the whale shark, the Chinese are wiping them out. Worse yet they are fining them and throwing them back into the ocean to drowned and bleed to death. China is a big problem, as a country they are consuming one quarter of fish being eaten today. Illegally fishing as far away as awest africa and right under our nose in Costa Rica. The Taiwanese mafia is making a killing on selling shark-fin  to mainland Chinese. One whale shark fin can fetch up to $30,000.00 Uninformed cultures actually believe in medicinal powers only sharks can provide. Barbaric would be the politically correct description at best.

I am sure you have heard of “Trash island” or the Great Pacific garbage patch, right? Did you know there are actually three? So, i will leave you with this quoete from a Salty Sea Captain.

“Yet as I gazed from the deck at the surface of what ought to have been a pristine ocean, I was confronted, as far as the eye could see, with the sight of plastic.

“It seemed unbelievable, but I never found a clear spot. In the week it took to cross the subtropical high, no matter what time of day I looked, plastic debris was floating everywhere: bottles, bottle caps, wrappers, fragments.”_Capt. Charles Moore

The time is now

We have an idea how to help. Learned the hard way be careful who you confide in.


_Jesse King

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