2050 feels like..?

2020 seemed like the future our entire lives now its only 26 months away. We need to ask a new question: what will 2050 feel like? It is exciting just to think about. Can you imagine how we will commute, communicate, invest, and interact with each other? Will we be on smart phones? Will your vehicle still be powered on dinosaur guts? Will you be buying boring stocks with Bitcoin? Are we going to be spending even more time online?  This is the future and these are the fun questions, so let’s dive in.

Futurists like Elan Musk have a very boring idea. As in boring into the ground with his new venture, the Boring Company. An idea that’s time has come for congested L.A.: A Super Subway 3D network of tunnels. We like this idea, except those of us originally from Southern California can’t cant seem to shake the Earthquakes embedded in our minds. Being underground in, let’s say a North-ridge quake situation, doesn’t sound too appealing to us, Mr. Musk. Let’s push the Idea of Musk’s hyperloop up and hit it with some reality. One big earthquake at 130 MPH would have a person resembling a chunky milkshake. What about a hyperloop made of Graphene Nano-tubes on above ground, hydraulically suspended, and magnetically controlled a la F1 cars? These multimatic, clever, spool valve dampers could react to earthquakes and keep you safe. This HyperLtrain could work, theoretically.

Let’s roll forward to Cryptocurrency like bitcoin and how we will invest in the future. With our new smart-device, that will be a multi-platform projection screen against our wrist, we will be using some type of cryptocurrency to make investments in between work and the new social media. Is crypto king? The Fed and JP-Morgan are afraid of the 116 cryptocoin , which is already up and running. Private equity just might be the smartest guy in the room. With $5.1 trillion in assets under management, Blackrock and other  private investment banks are leaving the Big Four banks in the dust. So much so that the BofA and Wells are now major investors in Blackrock. Are you the last to know about private placements and private equities? You might be since governments, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and endowments are 75% of the BR business model. We love private equity, especially the returns.

Now the not fun part… or is it? The text message has killed the phone call, much the same way as going to a meeting is killing having lunch with a prospective business associate. What will it feel like to interact with our fellow man? Cold and impersonal is the way of the introvert, society is pushing interaction that direction. The big hope is communal offices and the open floor idea. Let’s run with that in an even more intimate setting.

The American bar, or even coffee shop, could hold the answer if we modify the idea. We have all got some work done in one of those locations, right? As humans, we actually need each other. We need to interact. So can you imagine a bar or coffee shop with a “No Phone after 5” policy? We know clubs are experimenting with this. Some millennials might cringe at the fact of actually having to talk and interact with strangers. Here at TechnoCrunch, we like pushing the envelope and getting out of our comfort zones. Personal growth now! That’s the future.

_Jesse King

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