Investments of tomorrow

What will futurists be investing in tomorrow. What will those companies look like in 2020, 2035 and how will we find them? Whats the difference in public Investment a private placement? How do private equities work? Are you going to pay in cash, BitCoin or one of the other 116 current Crypto currencies? More importantly how can you put your money to work in the future? If you are doing futures, day-trading or Forex you already know Blackrock has become the largest bank in the world doing private deals.

Please do not misconstrue this article as investment advisement, we just want you thinking about the Future! BitCoin is getting larger than anyone could have imagined Scaring JP Morgan and Fed banks worldwide. You could be doing equity and private investments in the future and also watching the crypto currency of your choice create incredible value as well. This may sound bad but according to Investopedia up to one-third of  developing countries GDP is based on the “black market”. America and the UK have a substantial “underground economy” as well, maybe up to 10%. These numbers are staggering up to 1.8 trillion in the U.S. and 1.1 trillion in China. How would one bring this “grey money” to market? Bitcoin or crypto currency would do the trick.  So guesstimate the worlds “unrecorded economy” is around 5 Trillion  and the world market of  BitCoin, Litecoin, Monero and all the others is about $100 Billion it doesn’t take futurist to see a possible hyper growth period in crypto currencies!

Blackrock is already managing 5 trillion in assets but unless you are a billionaire, A government or a large corporation you probably can’t afford a ticket on that gravy train. How can you cash in? Do what they do find a winner before it’s a public deal. Enter Private placement! There are actually thousands of private placement investment opportunities out their you broker will never tell you about even though that could be where a good amount of their own portfolio is allocated. Why? They don’t make a commission, that’s why. A lot of private placements or pre IPO investments provide much higher ill-bet riskier returns, big returns. Most are centered around Real estate or energy but a lot of new ones are centered around technology. Lets say you owned private placement in Beats before Apple bought them. You would be a multimillionaire right now just think of the private investors who owned Facebook before it went public, Google bucks baby!

Try to find a Private company already making money or wining technology awards like CES, the silicon valley is full of companies about to blow. Right now a ton of silicon valley start-ups are betting massive cash on AI. If insiders like venture capitalists are investing their own money its a good chance you will see a nice return if it doesn’t go belly up right! We are not recommending any one company or investment over the other and we are not going to tell you to dump your kids college fund in a PP PIPE. For the sake of argument we will give you a hypothetical  real world scenario. We just held the Saygus V Squared Smartest phone in our sweaty mitt’s (wow). Even though it wowed CES and Forbes  named the V squared Top disruptive innovation, it’s still a private company. Imagine you made a small investment $5000.00 at $1 a share and Saygus was currently valued at $200,000 million, fast forward 3 years and few million Smart phones sold. On IPO day you would be the family hero cashing in at $50,000.00 on your $5000.00 you could probably save that up cutting out Starbucks! What if you invested $50,000.00?! Hello Lambo! Just something to think about futurists.


_Scott McCausland

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