Smartpills… Is ignorance bliss?

Are you smarter then the average person? Would you like to get even smarter? We would think everyone would. As they say ignorance is bliss but smarter is better in our world. What about the easy way out? Instead of years of study, just a pill.  One of the more popular drugs is called modafinil the other seems a bit safer, Lucid.

Both make big claims in the concentration and focus department. However the side effects of modafinil could scare you out of even trying it. Beyond just allergic reactions we are talking  “Thoughts of hurting yourself and others.”  “Tremors or shaking, even Trouble with breathing. Lucid makes less grandiose claims sure but thoughts of hurting myself may just make us want to stay dumb. Will there ever be a true “Limitless pill“? That movie used the term NZ-48  wich was supposedly based on Nuvigil. Although tha depends on what article you read and who is trying to spell you magic beans at the moment. Nuvigil has some not so rosie side effects as well. Vomiting, severe blistering, mouth sores is just not sexy also not as bad as some others.

Nuvigil users describe a muted euphoria or a”numb” physical feeling combined with hyper mental alertness. Upon first ingesting the pills users describe a subtle euphoria like Prozac  followed by clear concise thoughts and renewed focus. Users reporting extreme boost in confidence a more articulate, concentrated work day. One user claimed “just knowing things” working more creativity with a higher volume of work and quality end results. We have to ask is it worth it? Would the  belief of feeling smarter on the pills create a type of mental addition. We all want to be smarter. Maybe in the end ignorance is bliss

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