Is the Cloud Dead?

The hundred billion dollar question: Is the Cloud dead?

The cloud. Just the term conjures up images of massive servers and data lines being liquid cooled and humming into the future. Or are they already eclipsed? The cloud offers zero guarantees and yet demands our trust. However, companies like Apple and Google – who are highly invested in the cloud – want that trust. Yet the facts are staring them in the face. The speed and storage capacity of computers are outpacing the bandwidth of the actual networks. Not to mention, the cloud is extremely vulnerable to security threats and because of associated issues such as heat creation and related cooling requirements, it’s just plain bad for the environment. This has environmentalists up in arms.

So how does this affect you? Take a look in your pocket, really quickly. My old iPhone keeps telling me I need to buy more cloud space, and therefore, pay more money because Apple chose to offer more expensive internal memory upgrades. Now, take a look at the new Saygus V SQUARED that allows up to a terabyte of storage on the device ? not in the cloud! With the further rapid evolution of technologies like HD to 4K and then 8K and soon, technologies like mobile virtual reality, the need for storage on mobile devices is evident. Instead of paying your hard-earned money and waiting for the download, you could have a terabyte in the palm of your hand.

What if Amazon?s data center loses power for a while? A brownout? Or worse a blackout? Let?s get more extreme, what if Google’s data cloud center gets hit by an act of terrorism or destroyed by a hurricane? Poof, your new business plan or your priceless wedding photos are gone in the blink of an eye. Going further, what if one of these companies loses funding or is shut down by the nation-state that regulates that entity? Look what happened in Spain. If you were doing business in Catalonia you would have noticed constant Internet outages and the blocking of websites. What about these entities that just secretly modifying content? This is standard practice in places like China. The scariest part is that your personal data is vulnerable and that companies and countries are accumulating your personal data at an alarmingly increasing rate.

A massive data leak like this sounds frightening but let?s remember that this has already happened to 140 million Americans this year. Equifax just had the biggest data breach in history. That data is now out there, everywhere. Like a lot of ideas out there, the cloud sounded pretty good at first. Now with computing becoming so fast, the need for the cloud is over. The days of the cloud now seem numbered and most feel the time is already up.

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