The Future of personal travel

From personal travel to the second coming of the Concord, cars are floating and flying and we are getting there faster than ever before. Taking a quick look on youtube will show a myriad of new personal and commercial vehicles coming out. Coming straight out of science fiction to your garage that is. If you want something bigger the New Hondajet has simplified flying like we never even imagined. If that’s not fast enough for you, supersonic flight is making a serious comeback. Multiple companies are gaining traction in the Supersonic jet category, although maybe not like the commercial concord of 2003.

Imagine stepping off the “son of the Concord” the A2 is a hi-tech liquid hydrogen-powered engined Supersonic jet capable of 3,400 mph!  Getting you from London to Sydney in under five hours and getting in your $47,500 Mosquito (micro) helicopter to finish your journey. The A2  is not quite ready to go Mach 5 just yet but the Mosquito micro helicopter is ready for purchase now. Attendees at the Paris airshow were stunned at the innovation especially when seeing the Octocopter or “Surefly personal helicopter concept”. Although it may be difficult to imagine a personal helicopter flown via tablet they are already taking orders.

Many are in awe of the of the Youtube video of the female flying a stand-up drone over a lake but a quick search will reveal a garage engineered revolution. People like you and me are building incredible machines in their own garage.

maxresdefaultThis guy built a Hoover Bike that is quite insane and looks very Star wars and very cool. If you dont want to “do it yourself” and getting there real fast just is not your thing, the new Hot tub boat may be right up your alley. Even personal submarines are becoming more affordable thus more attainable. Maybe it was all the trips to Disneyland as a kid but we would love a submarine for the office. What are your thoughts on the future of travel? How will we get around in 5, 10, or 20 years? Let us know in the comments section below


_Scott McCausland

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