Best Travel Smart Phones for 2018


For some, the travel season is coming to a close, but for snowboarders and skiers, it’s just revving up. When it’s cold, and we mean bone-chilling cold, you may find yourself dreaming of a warm sugar, sandy beach. And for those who wander, but are not necessarily lost, we bring you the best travel smartphones for 2018. We are going to go from budget to “baller” in this post so grab your passport and let us help you pick out your new phone.

For the penny pinchers and the budget conscious, we proudly bring you the best budget smartphone, the Motorola Moto G 5 Plus. It comes equipped with a great little camera and 16GB of storage space. And although LTE isn’t always included, for $250.00, who’s complaining? Another drawback is that the battery is not great. This could mean a lot of vacation time is eaten up by looking for places to charge the phone. Travelers frequently covet dual SIM slots, which offer cheaper rates with local carriers. But unless you buy the European model, this option is not available. However, a big plus for travelers on a budget is the micro-SD slot that potentially adds another 128GB of storage.

Next up, the best mid-range smartphone, the OnePlus 5. This phone has features that approach those of the “baller” class of phones. We do agree this phone is swagged out for only $500. It has a standard 64GB of storage or 128GB on the higher-priced model. Unfortunately, there’s no micro SD slot, sorry. There’s a built-in, non-swappable 3300mAh battery; although, still no wireless charging. The 5.5 inch 1080p screen looks nice even though this type of screen has been on the market for a while. The OnePlus 5 comes unlocked and has dual SIM slots. Brilliant!

Now for the big dog! Yes, we are talking about the best travel smartphone for 2018 – a true “baller phone.” Surprise, it’s not the iPhone 10. No world traveler wants to be locked into a single SIM platform while “buying more data” and searching for WiFi every five seconds. We want memory! We want dual SIM! We want options! And we want it now! Enter the Saygus V SQUARED. Repeat after me, a “terabyte of storage!” That’s right, the V SQUARED boasts some serious firepower making it the smartphone king for travelers. It starts with 1.1 terabytes in expandable storage using dual SanDisk’s 512GB memory cards. Additionally, it has built-in wireless charging, a super-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon chip that powers an open-sourced, OEM unlocked, developer-friendly platform – or what Saygus calls a multi-dimensional platform. Finally, the V SQUARED has dual SIMs – a true traveler-friendly feature. This phone is one of the only smartphones out there that have the traveler in mind! Just imagine the possibilities.

Happy travels.

_Scott McCausland



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