Google and Tesla Pop!

What a paradigm we have with Google 993.64 +8.45 (0.86%)going big on devices and hardware and Tesla 356.88+1.55 (0.44%) hitting a fraction of the numbers promise on the Model 3. Tech is so hot right now Tesla stock still went up. Why wouldn’t it? Just go to a Tesla dealership and try to haggle over a car they can not keep in inventory. Every moterhead wants to go ludicrous speed, soccer moms don’t want to pump glass and millennials just want one.

Google is in the middle of an all out assault on, well everyone. They are upping the anti in the hardware game. How about real time speech translation the wireless Pixel bud the ultra laptop Pixel 2 and new Home speakers. Lets throw in a direct assault on newcomer Go-Pro, the Google Clips.  GoPro closed at $14.30 yesterday a 6% loss to shareholders. main investor JP-Morgan had top analyst  Piper Jaffray hit the stump to try and stop the bleeding. He touted and upcoming deal with Amazon to buoy the stock for the day. The Google blitzkrieg doesn’t stop there the new and improved Google store now has a free shipping option a la Amazon prime. Amazon was also up 989.58 8.73 points (0.89%) because it can.

Zoom or is it Woosh goes the Tesla? The stock is mirroring the founder and moving fast. Both seem to want to to take over and save the world. Model 3 challenges are well in had or is that hand made? According to a press release  some parts on the model 3 are hand made. Kind of makes you think Ferrari until you rad the article in the Wall street journal a few weeks ago.  WSJ said that “Tesla’s advanced production line still wasn’t ready.’ this kind of taints the old hand made adage or does it? Founder, Futurist Elan Musk is reported by to be in talks with Puerto Rico Governor on solving the power gird crisis. With so much going on with Tesla even if you are not going ludicrous speed, Elan has cultivated such a an amazing brand. Its fun to own a stock where you feel you are apart of something. Or maybe its just us!

_Jesse King